Our experience of working with Start-ups has made our production process leaner. We know how to produce and distribute contents through different channels without any waste. Each piece of content is precious and costs money and time; we absolutely make sure that every single content adds value to the overall campaign goal.


All your potential customers are consuming content consciously or sub consciously every single minute. At COG, our one simple goal is to create content that works.

Communication platforms are changing fast. Some old platforms are making way to the new ones. Some oldies are smartly renovating themselves to stay relevant. Content formats hardly overlap, and mostly specific to the platform. To stay on top of the game you need content that is platform specific and laser focused.

AI is evolving fast and getting smarter with every passing day, and most of the popular communication channels are already making use of that to deliver content to their users.

What does that mean? And why it’s important for your business?

Because now you not only have to speed up your content production rate to engage your consumers through multiple platforms, your content also need to have a personal 1-on-1 feel to it. It can no way sound or feel or look generic and/or artificial.

At COG, our combined production team consisting of writers, designers, art directors and producers is working to create content for virtually every channel to keep you on top.


With our skills, your input, and good teamwork, maybe we can.

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