Most of the companies have a one size fits all approach, where they try to offer the entire marketing package into a generalized ecosystem. That’s wastage of both money and effort, and in some cases may prove to be fatal.

At COG we are constantly researching and developing unique strategies for unique channels.


Did you know that over 75% of all transactions worldwide originate from search result?

So if your business is not appearing in search results, you are losing valuable leads.

How long do you spend on the Internet in a day?

An hour? Four hours? 12 hours? Think again. You are online 24x7, the mediums may vary. Sometimes you are checking their emails, other times you are on Facebook or Twitter, the rest of the day you may be on Whatsapp or Instagram or may be Googling, but you are always connected. These platforms cumulatively form the digital sphere and business which are connected with you through these mediums have your mind share. Digital marketing brings a very new dimension in marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, it is a form of inbound marketing and it’s goal is for you to find the concerned business.

Businesses put content out for individuals and people may conduct an organic search, a paid search, find your business on a social network or by reading content that has been published online such as a blog or an article. Thus through multiple digital touch-points organizations can enhance their brand image and can connect with their target audience. It is learned that over the last year expenses on traditional marketing has fallen nearly one hundred sixty percent, while at the same time frame expenses for digital marketing increased over fourteen percent and with the increasing penetration of mobile devices and rising popularity of digital platforms, this number will surely go up.


With our skills, your input, and good teamwork, maybe we can.

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