Syncing Web and Brick N’ Mortar:

This is marketing targeted to consumers within your stores. Here we have the opportunity to provide relevant offers to customers for an example, directly to their smart phones when they are in store. According to research 80% of millennials are using their smart phones in-store, 74% of the millennials are willing to receive location based mobile adverts.

How it works

So, for an example, if you are a large retailer, and you’re rewarding your customers who have downloaded your apps; they come in to your store, and now you can calculate their location using eye beacons and send them a notification about special offers or new products in the particular areas of the store as they walk around. If you also have an ecommerce platform, you can mine their previous data to find out the products they have purchased and then advertise in-store to them about products that they may like based on their own buying patterns or previous patterns from other customers.

Realizing the need is first step in the right direction. Boost your sales by syncing web and physical


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