Our experience of working with Start-ups has made our production process leaner. We know how to produce and distribute contents through different channels without any waste. Each piece of content is precious and costs money and time; we absolutely make sure that every single content adds value to the overall campaign goal.


“Internet of thing” is adding intelligence where the previously wasn’t any. And it can be any-“THING”.

In a digital world, we can make everything talk to each other. We can make our phones talk to each other, we can make Facebook talk to each other, but in the physical world, not so much. This is where our lives and technological development kind of stopped.

But now we are able to build a network of physical objects connected to the Internet. It allows you to send, receive and exchange data, through which you can have conversations with the things around you.

We can now inexpensively embed sensors and radios into products, such as lighting fixtures or kitchen appliances or bicycles and enable them to communicate with other devices or smart phones or simply send collected information into the cloud.

Using this valuable stream of information, that previously simply didn’t exist, health organizations can remotely monitor millions of patients, retail companies can analyze trends and user behavior to create better shopping experience or manufacturing companies can optimize energy consumption to save billions just to name a few.


With our skills, your input, and good teamwork, maybe we can.

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