Love your data/data management:

When it comes to data management, we can see that optimization and the best use of data is very important for all businesses. 70% of the companies are still not collecting data about their social media channels. According to the DMA, social media will grow to 24% of the marketing budgets within the next 5 years, showing the importance of measure your social media channels.

What you need to love your data?

The first thing that you need is a good data infrastructure. Speaking with many marketing professionals and decision makers in the industry, we have seen that they set up internal data councils who are responsible for leading campaigns within the business to improve the data collected, improve its usage and it’s distribution throughout the organization to change and improve how the business is run.

Also it’s important to have the right talent or the right skill for the data which means you may need to hire in data specialists or data ‘scientists or train up your existing staff where possible.

You can hire a dedicated data scientist or a team from COG’s qualified panel. We have custom solution

for small businesses and data audits.

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