Most of the IT companies in today’s market economy are struggling to meet their desired financial target due the following facts;

  • Competitive bidding resulting in
  • lowered project value
  • Inflated infra cost
  • High resource cost
  • Unpredictable sales funnel leading to benched resources which in turn adds onto company overhead costs.

We have zero control over the first problem. But our “Flexi-Talent” offering can solve the remaining three for your organization.


Your company “Esteemed IT Services” acquired a new project. GREAT!

For this project you need 3 Asp.Net developers, 1 UI professional, 2 Android developers and 2 iOS developers.

But the problem is, you currently have just 1 Asp.Net developer and 1 iOS developer available. What are your options?

To complete the project you need to either hire the remaining resources or have to outsource the entire project to a sub-contractor.

  1. You can hire the resources, but finding quality resources takes time, plus once this project is complete, due to un predictability of the sales funnel, there is a risk that some or all of the resources may sit idle for a while, adding to company overhead costs.
  2. You can outsource the job to a sub contractor, but that comes with various risk factors, like,
  • You now do not have the full control over the execution and delivery
  • You are having to share sensitive client details with the sub contracto
  • Sub contractors most of the times use shared resources to cut costs. That may result in delivery failures.

COG’s “Flexi-Talent” takes all the above mentioned risk factors out of the equation with a unique value for money offering. This is how it works;

COG provides you the required dedicated resources from it’s resource pool

You get to interview the candidates before hiring. Everything is transparent and you are always in control. 

You decide where the hired resources work from.

The hired resources can either work from COG’s delivery center at Kolkata or can work at your own office.

Hired resources stay on our Payroll

COG takes care of the employee benefit, Payroll and other HR related responsibilities, making you free of any employee related liabilities.

Easily monitor and manage your team remotely

You can monitor resources working at Kolkata delivery center through IP cameras and shared screens.

We work during your business hours

If your hired developers are working from the offshore delivery center, we make sure they are available during your business hours to work in sync with your in-house team.

Easy cancellation clause.

Though highly unikely, but still if you anytime decide to walk away, you can easily do so with just 30days notice.


With our skills, your input, and good teamwork, maybe we can.


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